Multi-Channel Marketing for Small Business – Why It Is Important

As a small business who works with small businesses, I understand that marketing budgets are either small, pay-as-you-go, or non-existent. But, everyone needs to do some marketing. Small businesses are often left behind in this area due to the budgeting issues, especially in this day and age of financial instability. But a little bit of everything can mean a lot and not cost a lot. Marketing and advertising your business is important to get new business and it does not have to cost a fortune. A lot of SEO, a little SEM, a bunch of Social Media, a dash of direct mail, a few tablespoonfuls of email, and a few cups of community outreach can mean all the difference. I know it sounds like a lot but most of this takes more effort than anything. The key is to have this all working in unison. You can’t do the Google AdWords thing and that is it. It won’t get you far unless you are willing to pay to be at the top of the page. Even then it may get you nowhere. You can’t optimize your site for search engines and stop there. Who will know about your site? It definitely won’t be number one when your competitor who has a bit more money for marketing throws in some SEM. Everything is connected. All of your efforts mixed in together can get you results you never thought you would see.

Many small businesses have gotten stuck in the rut of “business as usual”and that does not exist anymore. Customers want to be engaged and basically they want something for nothing. With business being the way it is, they can and will demand it. It is great that you have a handful of loyal customers, but wouldn’t it be better to have a handful of loyal customers and a handful of new ones on their way to being loyal. To keep business going you have to constantly be working on how get more prospects and how to turn those prospects into customers. You need to engage people at every possible point which is why a perfect mixture of marketing and advertising can go a long way for small business. I tell my clients that they should get involved in the community in which they are apart of. Offer seminars and other community outreach programs (clothing drives,etc. ) to get people to look at your business to find out what it is that you do. Start a blog where you give information and answer questions (for free). You can be touted as an expert in your field and will find that people will listen to you,buy from you,and/or refer your product or service to others.

It is all about getting your business name out there and talked about. So, now is the time to take a look at your marketing plan (or get one) and figure out what you need to do get out of that “business as usual”rut and see what you can do to super charge your business with multi-channel marketing and advertising.